9 Best Tools With You Can Make Awesome Resume For a Job

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Are you aiming to grab your first job ever? Or  Maybe looking for a new job?

Then the first thing you have to do is, crafting your resume in a unique way.

To get  interview call, you have to design your resume in a way, that can catch  the attention of an employee.

But creating a Good Resume is not easy as we think, it takes a lot of time .

Yes, i agree with you! Preparing a Good Resume is not an easy task, it is an art .

So, to make this task a little easy,

here, i am going to cover some useful tools and tips which actually reduce your work and time.

Do you know:

On an average Out of 100 resumes, only 25 resumes will see by a hiring manager. Remaining 75 resumes will be screen out by either recruiter or ATS.

One more interesting thing is, an average recruiter spend just 6 Seconds for reviewing a resume.

The following info-graphic by Template.net will give you even better idea than my words.

Resume Etiquette
Resume Etiquette

So, if you are serious to get a job then you have to work on you resume that can make some difference compare to your competitors resume.

For that it is better to  know more about resume and it's role.

you have to pay attention to every single line and each keyword in your resume along with layout style .

Layout style which will help to get attention of recruiter within no time, even before going through the details it shows your intentions towards that position.

But, How to do that?

Don't worry.

Here is the answer.  Resume Building Sites/Tools will do almost all the Work for You.

Resume building sites will help you to create easily, a customized resume for each job you apply.Thus, it will grab attention of the recruiter in that short span of time.

These resume making websites help you to assemble  your details in well-organized with no-trouble.

So here I am giving you the best online resume building websites which will help you to make a nice resume ever.

Here is the list of best online generators:

Make Awesome Resume Easily With Best Online Resume Building Websites.


Cv maker is  popular and  simple solution to making resumes. The best  thing is, you can get most of it just for free.

Even  though  here you need to enter the details of you manually, you can  easily  manage the new sections in your resume.

With this tool creating resume will finish with in few minutes without any sign-up.

Benefit with:
1. Simple user interface to use.
2. PDF, TXT and HTML download options.
3. Free hosting online and share with potential employers.
4. sign-up not required to use.
5.One-time upgrade option.

Trouble with:
1. No real design in preview.
2. Limited free template designs.


SlashCV is a simple way to generate  a new resume and share it on online. Here also you no need to sign-up to get started.

But, if you sign-up with your email you will get more features to use. Then you can  select some other well-looking templates.

you can also link your Dropbox account to save and share to others. Here you can easily control the sections.

Benefit with:

1. clean user interface for simple use.
2.  No sign up required to start resume design.
3. more templates with sign-up.
4.  Directly saving to your  Dropbox account.
5. Easy to save,edit and print PDF.

Trouble with:

1. Limited text editor options.
2. Limited options to export file.

3. Visual CV:

Visual CV is the one of the best user-friendly and clean resume build tool. It allow you  import your details from your existing file (ms word, PDF) or from LinkedIn profile.

You can share the resume link either with email or LinkedIn.You can also import the resume in  PDF format.

With the premium account you can get access to all designs and able see advance analytic reports of your CV.

 Premium account also removes VisualCV branding on your resume PDF downloads.

Benefit with:

1. Importing existing file.
2. clean user design to use.
3. Resume examples based on the industry.
4. Others can build resume for you with premium option.
5. Analytic reports with premium account.
6.Connecting with LinkedIn account.

Trouble with:

1. Limited free designs.
2. VisualCV brand on free PDF downloads.


Resumup  is a best website if you are a person who like to represent your thoughts in beautiful info-graphics.

If you are free member, then  you are pretty much stuck with ATS(Application Tracking System) resumes, which are plain and unlikable to read as they get.

Even you are free account member, you can check what style suites to  your resume.

But, if you got a premium account, Then you got collection of options.

By using Resumup you can design the resumes from ATS resumes to info-graphic resumes and many more.

Benefit with:

1. Advanced template collection including info-graphic and interactive, etc.
2. premium Options with low-cost.
3. clean user interface.

Trouble with:

1. To style the resume you have to upgrade to premium user.

5. Kickresume:

Kickresume helps you to Build best resume and Cover letter in minutes.

You are only  able to design basic resume templates with limited  categories and sections.

With upgrade account you can use all the templates available, email support, online resume website and cover letter options.

Benefit with:

1. filtering the templates by profession.
2. easy to use interface.
3. Offering resume analytics for premium accounts.

Trouble with:

1. you have fill the content manually.
2. Most of standout options reserved for premium users.


Visualize.me also best tools like Resumup if you like to design a visual resume. You can either manually fill or link your Linkedin Account  to generate the information. It provides you a simple interface so you can change  info-graphics  easily.

Benefit with:

1. Easy to fill the form with the LinkedIn account connection.
2. Easy to change fonts, color, background and themes to personalize your resume.
3. Option to share url  or  embed it in on your website.

Trouble with:

1. Need to upgrade to download image file of your resume.
2.  Graphics looks as out-dated.


 Resunate is the best tool when you look to make a customized resume. One resume can't work when you are looking jobs in different streams.

It basically helps you in creating focused, job-specific resumes  quickly.

Main feature of this tool is "job focus score".

Which is checking the balance between your job description  with your resume to give score.

Benefit with:

1.  Providing job focus score.
2. Color coding on each section which tells you matching level between section and job description.
3. Auto focus feature which removes irrelevant information on resume.
4. Reordering bullet points.

Trouble with:

1. Limited auto focus attempts to free users.


Canva is also useful to create visual CV. you can either select from over 30+ template designs or you can design yourself if you are a designer.

if you select pre designed templates on Canva, then only thing you have to do is just replacing existing text with your information.

You can share the link on fb, twitter or via email. To download your resume into PDF, JPG or PNG  version without any watermark then you have to pay $1 for that.

Benefit with:

1.Easy customization features.
2. Drag down interface.
3. Most features and options offered for free
4. Low cost to pay to remove watermark on print.

Trouble with:

1. Manual filling. i.e. No option to upload a CV.
2. You have made public online to reach potential employers.


Here i am making a list of other sites in short, which will help you same as above building tools in  creating a nice resume.


It allows jobs seekers to create resume and employers to visit them.

Plenty of free features and useful text editing tools.


Build perfect resume with pre-written content.


Beautiful interface and Beautiful templates helps you in design of beautiful resume.


Build resume easily with tips and key phrases.


Build info-graphic resume and practice tests along with job search at one place.


Design simple resume with easy step by step process.


simply create and share your resume online.


Create mobile friendly resumes within few minutes with QR code. when i came across this tool i was amazed by the idea of making  resume as mobile friendly.
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How To Create a New Facebook Group & Make it Popular

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Are you looking to create new Facebook group? Do you want to grow your followers through Facebook.? then you are at the right place.

After reading this article you will be aware of how to create a new Facebook group and how to make it popular.

Facebook group is very effective way of growing audience on FB. Even though you can also grow your audience by using Facebook page. But Facebook group is different from Facebook page. Facebook group offers you,
more personal interaction with your audience than the Facebook page.

So, if you ready to create a group, then you have to follow the following steps and in no time you will get a new Facebook group.

So,let's start.

How To Create a Facebook Group

The first thing is that for doing anything on Facebook, you need to log-in into your Facebook account.

So, to create a group on Facebook, you must have an account. If you already have an account then you can move to next step. In case if you don't have a FB account, Then you will have to sign up. This is quite easy as well.

 All you have to do is enter your primary details on the sign up form /registration form which you find on landing page itself.(i.e.www.facebook.com)

Now, in the left side of the page, You will see an option called as groups. Click on the link, it will show you the list of groups in which you are a member upto now .

 Though , we don't required to mind these existing groups because we are looking for creating a new one.

So, to make new one you need to find for the option called as "Create Group" which you can find at downside of group category.

After finding the option you have to click on it. By clicking, Now you are able to move the next step.

After clicking on the "Create Group" option, a new pop-up window will appear on the screen. In this pop-up window you have to enter the details like Group name, Members and Group privacy.

In the Group name section you can pick name what you wish and you can add the people directly from your friends list just by entering the username of your friend.

Then you have to select the options under the Group privacy category. Here you have to take a little care. Under the group privacy section, you will get three options.

These 3 options will determine your group type and its functionality.

Those options are
  1. Secret

  2. Closed

  3. Open

1.Secret group is the group, which gives you more privacy. These groups are not displayed publicly and are only visible to the group members.

2. In closed group you will be the owner, every one must take your permission to become a group member. This allows others to see list of group members till that moment. But, to see the posts/activities in group they have to become a member.

3. Open group is the group in which anyone can join in the group and every one can see the posts in the group.

Here is the table which gives you more detail information regarding these 3 categories.

create a new fb group

so, take care while you are entering the details, even though you can alter the options after creating the group. After choosing the privacy type you have to click on the "create" button.

After your group has been created, you will have to enter group description, group address. When you done with these options, You have to click on button called " Save".

Add proper cover page which relates to activities of the group.

Once, you clicked on the "Save" button, you have to do is to add new members to your newly created group. You have to do this manually. You can done this by locating the filed named as "+Add People to Group".

Here you have to enter name of the person which you want to add to group from your fiends list. In alter way, you can invite people by using email.

Now, if you done with the process of adding up the group members, then you required to post content to the group. This will engage the audience and will make your group active.

That's it, now you have created a new group for your work. All you required to do here is post the content to the group often.

So, it will make you group more active and popular among your audience.

Make your Facebook group more popular?

create facebook group popular

Since, you have just created a new Facebook group, Here are the some tips for you to make your group more popular and viral.

If you are the one who like to make your group popular, all you have to do is posting unique content on regular basis. Because In the Internet world Content is the king. Along with posting new content, You can also ask questions on related topics, polls as it allows other members to actively participate.

Rather just posting text content, it is better to add pictures, videos and other multimedia which related to your niche.

You have to share your group on other Facebook groups. This is one of the mouth to mouth marketing technique. So, it will grow group popularity in long run.

Always try to garb loyal audience by creating viral content and it will compliment you in return by making your group popular.

It is better to customize your group address, so that other people can easily identify any notification and remember your group. To do that you need to have to click on "..."(3 dots) beside the notification option on right side of the page, here you will find the option as "Edit group settings"

Here you will find "Web and Email address", then click the button "customize address", then enter name as you wish. So, that it includes in the url of the group address. below you can see how it will show you the url.

create custom facebook group address

By following these steps and tips you can create a new Facebook group as you required and you can make it popular. So that it keeps you more interactive with your member ever before and creates a platform for you to share ideas and keeps like-minded people together.

if you find this article helpful, then please complement this by liking and sharing on the Facebook, twitter and other social media networks and help your friends who are like-minded like you.

Thank you for visit, subscribe by using your mail and get latest articles from tracemehow.
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How To Get Multiple Twitter Accouts with SIngle Gmail Account

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If you are looking to create multiple twitter accounts like me , here I am going to tell you the way to do it.


In this article, i am going to tell you about how to create multiple twitter accounts with a Gmail account.

Yes, here you don't need to use different Gmail accounts each time to create another twitter account.

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